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The GiB displays to anyone finding your lost phone personalized Return Contact Information whilst your phone is still password protected.

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Click Here to go Straight to Premium Plus

Click Here to go Straight to Premium Plus

Why Use The GiB?


Our Life on Our Phones.....

If we stop to think about it it is frightening just how much we depends on our phones.  Not only are they expensive items but they contain our Business Life, our Social Life, our Photos's and Memories, Payment Cards, E-Tickets in fact often our Connection to the World. If we loose them it can be a huge stress and inconvenience.

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That is Where The GiB Can Help

For less than the price of a coffee with this new apps you can help find my android or iOS phone and increase the chances of having a lost phone returned as The GiB empowers anyone find my phone and easily contact you and arrange to return it.  With The GiB you simply produce a GiB Return Information Image that you set in front of your password protection as your  Lock Screen.  If you don't use a password to secure your phone just set it as your Wallpaper.  Think of The GiB as your ever present silent phone finder friend.


Make it Personal

In addition to the simple utility of this App to aid in the return of your phone you can with the Premium Plus version fully personalize both the provided Return Contact  Information (as much or as little information as you choose) and the backdrop image.



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